Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Smug, Thy Name is Nespresso

DeVito, one of my least favorite actors. And Clooney. Meh.

"Why don't you like DeVito? He's great!"

That's your opinion.

Those smiles. Must've been a nice paycheck. Clooney doesn't get out and shill for less than a ton of money. But pair him with DeVito? Must be the supercool guy and the dorky sidekick routine.

According to Agency Spy,  "George Clooney has been starring in Nespresso ads internationally for nearly a decade but is just now finally making his debut for the brand in the U.S., in a new ad from McCann New York entitled “Training Day” which also stars Danny DeVito."

(You can see the video at the above link. I'm too lazy to embed right now.)

Big name American actors, too cool to tarnish their images stateside, have no qualms about collecting ad dollars overseas. Guess Clooney realized there's this new thing called the Internet that has blown his cover. Might as well go full-bore pitchman now. 

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