Monday, July 30, 2007

Update on Floatplane Tragedy in Alaska

As reported last week, Taquan Air out of Ketchikan, Alaska has a nightmare on their hands following a tragedy with one of their planes, which went down last week in rugged terrain, killing four Princess Cruise passengers and the pilot.

A Taquan spokesperson told the Anchorage Daily News that the pilot, Joesph Campbell, had a lengthy aviation career coupled with six years spent flying over the rugged terrain of the Grand Canyon, making him an ideal candidate for a job at Taquan flying over the mountainous Misty Fjords.

However, a commenter named Michael has added this message to my previous post:

"Taquan Air should have done a better background check on this pilot. He worked for us and we fired him. He also worked for at least two other companies that asked him to resign. He was a problem employee and a marginal at best pilot."

I can't follow Michael to any website as his blog profile is marked "Unavailable," but if this is verified by investigators, it can't be good for Taquan Air.

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