Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday F*ckin' Off

In the spirit of Bill's Weekly WTF and Mark's Link Haze, here's some weird stuff to wile away the hours in your cube while you wait for the whistle to blow, signaling the end of another work week - with you no better prepared for retirement.

Straight Cash Homey: The guy who brought us the fake Drew Bledsoe blog, TonyHomo, is now collecting pictures of people in jerseys. I don't know why. Vaguely funny, but how long can it last?

He's a mysterious and minor character on NBC's The Office, but he writes a pretty funny blog. Check out Creed Thoughts and gaze with wonder at the amount of comments on each post. Network comedy writers have the sweetest jobs.

They've got scissors, scanners, and access to stacks and stacks of their grandparents' magazines. The people of LiveJournal's Vintage Ad Community are hard at work wasting my time.

Married to the Sea has apparently exhausted their supply of 19th Century illustrations and have a new look that is best described as 1970s Sunday School Clip Art. It's weird when a comic rebrands, but it's just as twisted-witty as before.

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