Thursday, December 13, 2007

Locals Only Part VII

I'm sure in Texas you can find a bunch of businesses named Lone Star. Down here, people tend to call things "Gator," and then draw cartoonish gators for mascots.

Gators are not cute. They're giant killer lizards with sharp teeth. Here's a refrigerator magnet. I called the number once, fearing for my dog's life in the backyard, as we have a seven-footer that likes to menacingly cruise the canal behind the house in the warmer months. The nuisance gator investigators called back about two weeks later, asked some questions and pretty much stated that unless the thing is outright taunting you and nesting on your back porch, there's nothing to be done. Late last summer I found a bunch (swarm? flock? gaggle? pod? herd? colony?) of baby gators in the reeds where our yard ends and the canal begins. Even gator babies aren't cute. They stare at you like they're looking for a fight.

Here are some locals who think gators are cute. Or maybe they're just football fans.

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