Monday, December 24, 2007

¿Quién es Más Macho?

A Holiday Lesson on Viral

Before video links passed between friends and coworkers were known as "viral," and before people started trying to "monetize" those videos, we just passed stuff around (if we had the bandwidth) and watched them and laughed. (Agency Spy makes a great point: No one "creates viral videos." They either go viral or they don't. Most of the ones attempting to "be viral" simply disappear. I think I hear the sweet sound of a bursting bubble.)

Here's something that's seven years old, but still has that WTF quality that makes it worth seeing again. From London based Mother, where I want to work. (From Florida, of course, telecommuting. I will be happy to make monthly trips to London for meetings and pints.)

Anytime you put a 70s macho guy in polyester and play cheesy music behind him, then have him do something unexpected, it's comedy to me.

And why is this video still viral (resurrected every Christmas by various ad bloggers) seven years after it was produced?
  1. It never tried to be viral.
  2. It's not selling anything other than the agency behind it.
  3. It's original.
  4. It's funny.
  5. It wasn't created by a "new media agency" who tried to flood the world with it.
  6. An old lady gets kicked in the head by a guy who fell out of the fireplace and wears his jacket like a cape. Find a client who will let you do that.

See more of Chris Christmas Rodriquez here.

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