Monday, January 14, 2008

And You'll Only Drink Milk From a Christian Cow

You should never judge a book by its cover, but you’ll be expecting others to do just that in your new job as Packaging Manager for Thomas Nelson Books.

This is an ideal job for a junior designer who wants to live in Nashville. “1-3 years working in the commercial art industry or recent art school graduate with strong student portfolio may apply.”

You’ll be designing book jackets, which could be kind of fun, I’d think. A couple of your duties:
  • Sets creative and conceptual tone of book covers for multiple SPUs.
  • Oversees creative direction and execution of final cover design (including copywriting).
  • Interested? See here.

    Oh, what they don’t tell you is that Thomas Nelson is an “inspirational” book publisher, so you’ll be marketing your books to an exclusively Christian audience. You will also likely not get hired if you don't share the company's "core values."

    Christians in this country long ago abandoned their savior’s directives. They started marketing to one another instead. Moneychangers in the temple. Booksellers in the foyer.

    As I’ve said before, Christians have their own books, bookstores, radio stations, music, TV stations, programs, movies, magazines, theme parks and yellow pages. Now you can be their own book jacket designer.

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