Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weren't You in That Ad for...Everything?

This woman is a very versatile stock photography model. Notice the clear, acrylic braces on her teeth, suitable for an orthodontist’s brochure. She’s also wearing stylish glasses, which I could see as a giant in-store display above Wal-Mart’s optometry section. She appears to be wearing a white lab coat, which enables her able to play the orthodontist, the optometrist, the pharmacist, the dentist, the research scientist and the factory worker who makes processors for Intel at a lab in China. But for some reason, Maronda Homes chose her as the fresh face of…Maronda Homes, where she smiles appreciatively toward their Etch-a-Sketch map of the Eastern Seaboard.

She probably made $20 for the shoot.

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