Monday, June 23, 2008

In-Store Ingenuity

My grocery store of choice, Publix, (hated by Greenpeace) has created a display in the foyer/entryway of my local store that says it all for the shopper looking to save a buck.

Two carts, filled with identical items. The cart on the left is filled with the store's brands while the cart on the right is filled with name-brand and identical national items. (The contents of each are wrapped in cellophane lest passers-by grab stuff from either cart and mess with the integrity of the comparison.) You can't make it out in this cell-phone photo, but the difference in price, written on the cards at top of the two carts, is about $45 in favor of Publix store brands.

As a student of in-store packaging and the lack of creativity in that packaging, Publix steps it up compared to say, Wal-Mart. Creative, witty copy. Nice photography. Good work, all in all. Publix's creative director, Tim Cox, has revolutionized the in-house creative department.

I don't care what Greenpeace says about Central Florida-based Publix. This chain is smart as hell.

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