Friday, August 22, 2008

This Guy's Fingers Make Chords You've Never Even Seen

And he's only got nine fingers.

From his landmark album The Wind and The Wheat, here's Phil Keaggy playing an abbreviated version of the title track.

It is rumored that Jimi Hendrix was asked, "What's it like to be the greatest guitar player in the world?" He is said to have responded, "I don't know. Ask Phil Keaggy." That is an urban legend. I had the opportunity to interview Keaggy and asked him if I could inquire on-air about the fabled endorsement. He preferred we not delve into it, humble guy that he is. I said, "OK, for my own curiosity, is it true?" He said, "He called me one of the up-and-comers to keep an eye on."

This album is so good, I have a copy of the watercolor (above) from the cover on my living room wall, painted by this guy, who told me by email, "It is interesting, I have done hundreds, no, probably thousands of illustrations over the past thirty years, but that piece of art is remembered more than just about any that I have done. It is not even in a style I typically do, or am known for."

For a funny glimpse into Keaggy's past, have a look at this psychedelic clip from his old band, Glass Harp, as they jam all Spinal Tap-ish.

Recent postings by Bill and Fred inspired me to look this clip up.

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