Friday, September 12, 2008

Order of American 'Scapers in Service

Since everyone's talking about that Service Nation Summit last night, I'm reintroducing my dream of starting an organization. It's called OASIS, which stands for the Order of American 'Scapers in Service. A 'scaper is a yard dog, a lawn rat, a groundskeeper. I used to be one and it was kind of a nice life, except the pay was ridiculously low.

The root of the mission of OASIS is the free gift of lawn maintenance.

Once a week, OASIS members give their gift to someone who needs it and will appreciate it. If at all possible, it is recommended that OASIS crews practice "guerilla landscaping," where no one even knows they were there. A Landscaping Strike Force, in and out...because the thrill of giving in secret is better than the pride of recognition.

Since I'm calling it an "order," I created this rip-off of the American Seal. I envision members sporting this decal on their trucks and trailers, instantly conveying to potential customers some sort of credibility. The motto "Makin' Cake" comes from what I think a nicely mowed lawn looks like when it's done: perfect chocolate edge, clean and smooth on top, blown off and sculpted. When it's done and you walk away from it, you go, "Damn! Cake!" It's like a temporary art installation. And unlike most jobs, when its done, it's done. There is no question, no committee to review it, no edits and no one saying, "It needs less this or more that."

Right now OASIS consists of a logo, and a lame one at that. I'm still willing to allow John Deere to fund this project.

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  • If I become independently wealthy anytime soon, I'm in, DW - consider OASIS funded. Lawn Care got me through high school and part of college and, like you, I couldn't imagine a better life - outside of the low pay. I was the 'small-motor' specialist of the group...putting edges on 'the cake' and blowing away any excess frosting at the end of the job. But I could also push with the best of them....ah...good times.

    By Blogger thompanilla, at September 13, 2008 at 10:01 AM  

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