Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feeling Like You

It's Not All Snark and Smug Scorn at Where's My Jetpack?

This was the scene at an Orange County Public Library on my way home this evening. Voters standing in line in the late afternoon Autumn sun, a kaleidoscope of American colors. I had to pull over and take a few pictures. (And add my two cents worth in verse. Click images for larger.)

From the forthcoming Telegraph Canyon

Feeling Like You

When in the course of human events
it becomes quite evident
that something’s happening
well, that's just fine
Water's well past the floodline

I won’t care and why should you
And besides, what could we do
The shine got dull
That's not a crime
The moment is here and now's the time

Yeah, there’s something in the air
It’s like fall all the time

Crisp, clear, brisk and bright
Sun dancing on the shore in a festival of lights

If we can stand the picked-up pace
Maybe we can find some grace
We know the way
We’ll be on time
and I'll trust you to read the signs

When in sight of things so clear
I know you can’t care to fear
Winds of change
won’t block the sunshine
It's theirs and ours - It's yours and mine

Yeah, there’s something in the air
It’s like autumn all the time

When the world’s 3D and layered deep

Clouds marching for the shoreline like they’re walking in their sleep

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