Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Local Losers Only

The local Ad Fed, in association with some other PR and marketing groups, is putting together what they call "The Ultimate Mixer" tomorrow evening in downtown Orlando. Drinks, food, exchanging of business cards, talking about the ROI of Direct Mail, SPAM, etc.

I don't like these things, but I'll be there, current circumstances dictating. If you're looking for a writer (freelance or full time) or perhaps a VP of Blogging, bring your offer and a picture of my expansive future office. (Or if you're just an Orlando ad hack like me and you want to talk about all these loser ad hacks surrounding us, that'll work, too.)

I'll be the guy in the corner building little houses out of swizzle sticks and cocktail napkins. I'll be handing out these cards.Click it uncover my true identity(If you aren't in these parts and you believe in the power of technology to unite distant collaborators, shoot me an e.)

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