Sunday, November 30, 2008

Five Reasons Why College Football is Better Than The NFL

Pro football has become increasingly more glitzy, with video and sound effects on the broadcasts that are forced, out of place and more suited to video games. There's a "Vegas shine" to pro football that smacks of show business, pyrotechnics and everything that is superficial about America. College ball is just...better.

  1. Hustle. College players are playing for the pro scouts. They are hoping to be noticed. They even get back to the huddle with more energy than pro players. (And less showboating.)
  2. Loyalty. A college player isn't going to another team next year, donning the new jersey and cap while at a press conference talking about how excited he is to be playing in a new city.
  3. Purity. College players aren't getting paid. They hope to some day, but for now, they play because they're good at the game and they love it.
  4. Pride. Even after they enter the pros, the starting lineup of any NFL team will announce with pride the school they came from. School spirit trumps civic pride any day.
  5. Crowds. A college team's fans are the largest, most rabid, loud, fun group of partisan loyalists ever to watch a game. And they are far more die-hard and less prone to fair-weather status than NFL fans.
What prompted this post? The San Diego Chargers have pissed me off again, losing, like a bunch of losing losers; a bunch of overpaid losers who have an overpaid loser coach who is a loser and specializes in losing. They make me hate the NFL today. (And all their sponsors.)

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