Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Is Just Not Right

Currently, the Boise State Broncos are ranked in the top 10 in college football. They are also 64 and 2 at home since 1999. That is a very serious home field advantage. Could it be that visiting teams are too busy freaking out about playing on the world's ugliest football field to keep their heads in the game?

Since 1986, Boise State has had this hideous blue football field, an abomination of sport, no matter what sport you're a fan of. Unless it's basketball or sand volleyball, sport is meant to be played on grass, or on fake grass that at least looks like real grass. This field is literally making me feel nauseous. That might be because I had too much to drink last night.

Still, I am petitioning the NCAA to blow up this field.

Attention Boise State Fans: This is not a sports forum. I am sure you are very proud of your Broncos. Good luck the rest of the season. My Dad was born in Idaho. My grandfather, too. Your state is beautiful. I ate some of your potatoes last night. One of the bloggers I read lives in your city. I just hate your field. Save your rantings and foaming rabid fan talk for sites that care about that stuff. And Go Gators!

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