Monday, November 10, 2008

Yawn...Another Jetpack Book

I'm joking, it might not be a snoozer. I haven't read it yet, but I'm quoted in it. Here is a review of the book from Time. (Click the image above to buy it from Amazon.)

The author, a NYC freelancer, contacted me months ago asking a few questions. According to him, my contribution to the book goes as follows:

Intrigued, I instant messaged with the site's operator, a man whose screen name is jetpackjockey.
Me:'re really into jetpacks. so am i.
Two minutes later, jetpackjockey responded: it's more of a joke about what they said would be "in the future"
Me: and nothing says future like a jetpack, right?
Jetpackjockey: absolutely
Me: what is the allure?
Jetpackjockey: I think there is a general disillusionment among people who grew up with a futuristic fantasy—a feeling like we got ripped off almost—nothing's changed and the world is going to hell faster than ever.

So if you're reading this blog thanks to Mac Montandon's new book, welcome. I hope you don't expect lots of talk about jetpacks here. Sure, I'd love a jetpack someday, but this isn't really about pursuing that dream. My last statement in that IM pretty well sums up this blog. It's your basic culture trashing and disaffected ranting about random stuff, with the occasional homemade comic thrown in. I probably focus most on my chosen profession, advertising. You'll also find a bit of political and religious humor that's often not funny at all. Let me again quote an esteemed Australian professor of philosophy, who summed it up this way:

[Where's My Jetpack?] "...disrupts the everyday and the opinionated links we make between words (& art & music) and experience; the links that speak as if the world were easily translatable into a common language and experience that we all share."

And I still have no idea what that means.

Congratulations on the publishing, Mac, and I look forward to reading it. One of these days.

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