Thursday, November 06, 2008

You Know That Recession They Talk About?

It's real. A bunch of people got their walking papers this morning here in CubeWorldTM. Artists, writers, production managers, web designers and account execs—gone. It sucks to watch them pack their stuff and say their goodbyes. Most of them were gone by the time I got in today, but a few can still be heard over the cube walls, packing boxes and doing their best to make light of the circumstance.

I'm told their benefits expire at midnight tonight. What a bite. On the bright side, they were treated to a last meal. Here's this morning's message from our department blog.

I think we should all band together and start an agency. With the talent that walked out of here today, you could build a pretty good shop. I get first dibs on the position of agency blogger. Oh, and I know how to start an agency.

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