Monday, December 01, 2008

There's Just Something About Clouds

Your Monday Morning Moment of Inspiration

A recent study found that 95% of this blog's readers are either atheists, agnostics, unobservant Jews or former church-goers (and I fall into that 95%). But now that the Thanksgiving Holiday is over and the Black Friday mess is cleaned up and you're dreading another week in the bowels of your workplace, toiling like a poorly-paid apprentice for your ungrateful overlords (or your demanding and fickle patrons), take a five-minute break and let this video (shot Sunday morning in the backyard) of the clouds rolling in fast from the Gulf (set to the instrumental "March of the Clouds") be your church or temple for the week. It seems to work for my dog, (the mostly obedient Australian Shepherd, "Roman") who can sit out back and watch the clouds roll by for hours.

Just put it on full screen with the sound up loud and let it wash over your dogged spirit.

See the guitarist performing this piece here.

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