Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the Future, Google Will Declare the Holidays

Oh, those hipster Googalians. always changing their logo and making you hover over it to see the alt tag because you didn't recognize by the funky coolness that today was Share Water with a Third-Worlder Day, or the anniversary of some surrealist's death, or International Think Positively Day or whatever. (Here are all of the Google logo changes for 2008.)

And of all the birthdays Google might've honored today, from Christina Ricci to Franco Zeffirelli to Adolf van Egmond (duke of Gelre/earl of Zutphen), they went with Charles "Chuck" Darwin, the famed test pilot and space pioneer who died in a fiery crash off the coast of the Galápagos Islands. Not even a nod to the president everyone thinks was a god all of a sudden, Abraham "Cro-Magnon" Lincoln, whose personal love for his country we all celebrate every year on February 14th with flowers, candy, teddy bears and sexy lingerie.

Google kids, you are too hip for me.

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