Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baseball is Boring - But You Won't Be Bored

When your advertising nearly apologizes for your reputation and tries to draw attention to other aspects of your product, I think you're off on the wrong foot. Like that movie, the name of which escapes me, where the agency designs a campaign for Volvo that says, "Boxy - but good."

Cooperstown, NY. The name instantly makes you think of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Cooperstown wants you to think of other things now and is trying to alter its image a bit with their website This is Cooperstown, on which they show lovely women and children enjoying things like The Farmer's Museum, the Opera, Food Tours and more.

The point is, ladies, that if your fat, baseball-obsessed husband insists on visiting that ridiculous shrine to America's pastime, you can have fun too, all by yourself, alone, lonely and sad, reminiscing of a time when he wasn't a jerk, and he'd accompany you on trips to the farmers' market and pretended to be interested in things like 19th Century landscapes. So while he's off drooling over pictures of dead ballplayers and old baseballs under glass, you can come and visit our empty art galleries with nicely polished floors, looking so sunny in your summer dress. Yes, we have art galleries, believe it or not.

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