Saturday, January 02, 2010

Face It, Orlando: You're a One-Trick Town

Let's just give it up. We are known for Disney. Enough pretending to be a world-class city. We fail every time we try. We are known for the Mouse (and as the place where babies disappear in the care of white-trash parents).

While some will argue that a game in the mud is a fun and watchable throwback to the good old days of football, the rest will counter that in today's environment, where turf management is a disciplined practice, if not a science, a field that disappears after a little rain is reason enough for some sorry-ass stadium manager to lose his job. The stadium is city-owned, which pretty much explains the problem.

And they still hope that this field hosts qualifying matches for the World Cup. 

A bunch of muddy dudes help a guy named McCray up off a field of shit that made 
Orlando look like a cow town unable and undeserving of hosting a bowl game.

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