Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's Give The Blue Hairs Some Ammo in This Fight

Not that it's a fight anymore, really, since Jay Leno got his old show back and will continue to make America not laugh every night until he finally retires to his warehouse full of luxury motorcars sometime in the very distant future.

It's a case of generations, or maybe just a case of sense of humor. Conan makes you cringe with him, that painful kind of humor they do on shows like The Office. Leno makes you cringe AT him, that painful kind of humor they do on say, Full House.

Conesy is doing an excellent job with his walking papers and $32 million. And that guy who created the Coco poster is making a little money. So even in defeat at the hands of Chinboy and the execs at NBC, Conesy seems like the real winner.

That's not fair to the folks with lace doilies on their armchairs. They got their nice young man back, that funny Italian fellow who tells the jokes. So why are they being treated like the bad guys? That skinny Irish man wasn't funny at all! He got what he deserved! Hurray for Jay!

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