Thursday, April 22, 2010

Larry King's Forthcoming Sex Tape (and Everything Tastes Like Chicken)

It was my pleasure to hang out for an hour or so yesterday with Bill Green of Make The Logo Bigger, the most prolific, insightful and WTF-inist blogger in our industry, and Her Excellency, the excellent expatriate Angela Natividad, of Live and Uncensored, on the 28th edition of AdVerve.

We hardly touched on industry news, which was fine with me, but strayed into just about everything else. Though I've never personally met either of these fine people, it was like having lunch with old friends. At a very large table that stretches from Paris to Bridgeport to Orlando. If Bill could add some restaurant sound effects to the podcast, you'd never know we weren't all in the same room, such is the clarity of Skype. Sometimes. When it decides to work. But such are the inconveniences of free stuff. As Bill's Skype profile reads, "Everything is amazing and no one is happy. Take Skype for example." (Angela's reads, "I have some wonderful hams for you.")

While I'm pretty sure no one even listens to podcasts anymore (JOKE, guys, though I gave up on my own in 2006 and predicted the death of the corporate podcast in 2007) you can download or stream Angela and Bill's "AdVerve" over at their site. And even though I likely come across as a cynical bastard with a grim outlook, I would happily do it again.

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