Thursday, August 19, 2010

Delusions of Courtroom and Senate Victories

In addition to running for Senate, Ronnie is fighting a bitter custody battle against Nikkii, the mother of his youngest children, the twins Dakota and Dillon. He is convinced that the creation embedded below, using some of his niece's toys, will win the day in court. In Ronnie's words:

"This dude from Hotlanta made some badass music that I put on my custody video for the judge that will majorly seal my case solid as a airtight rock. No judge will be able to resist this it is so powerful now. It is very moving and will bring you to tears so watch out. Damn this is badass. If you want him to make music to put on your stuff just send him a note his name is fred leo and his site is"

The character develops. How far I haven't a clue. I may drop him like a rock tomorrow, deeming him too similar to Kenny Powers. One friend on Twitter suggested Ronnie had come out of character by playing with Barbies. But Ronnie will do anything to beat Nikkii, as evidenced by his heroically distorted retelling of that horrible Sunday morning.

Ronnie will be releasing some Senate campaign commercials outlining his positions, "As soon as these losers decide whos out and whos in so I can whip some ass and not mess around with the third string punks who will lose in round one."

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  • I just watched an episode of something called "Investigations" (I think,) and the storyline was frighteningly Ronnie-esque. Some stripper whose last name was Poole wanted to leave her husband and keep custody, so she had her strip club lover kill her husband, right after she screwed her husband on the beach on an anniversary vacation she orchestrated. Ronnie better watch his ass.

    By Anonymous Sherriff Joe (the Bulldog) Aperitif, at August 21, 2010 at 11:50 AM  

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