Saturday, November 06, 2010

Chicken Wings Sold with Football Hands

Despite the fact that they sponsor competitive eating events, my least favorite "sport," I have to hand it (zing!) to Krystal for this ad.

They're a small player in the world of fast food, (they have 420 locations and are popular with college kids. COINCIDENCE?) but this relatively inexpensive ad is innovative. Quirky and cheap and sure, it gets old after a couple viewings, but I hear there are others in the campaign. Can't seem to locate any agency info on who did this. Would like to know.

UPDATE: Matt says in the comments that the agency for Krystal is The Johnson Group out of Chattanooga, TN, a very fine city I have visited a couple of times. And The Johnson Group is my kind of agency, not just pretending to know about social media, but totally up to speed. At left is a photo of their building from their website, followed by the street view from Google. Note the street view does not have the aging, weather-worn identifier at the top of the building. Photoshop or new paint? 

And yes, they have my resume now.

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