Wednesday, August 10, 2016

You're Not THAT Important: Put Your Phone Down

Nothing says "I'm not paying attention" like texting during a meeting or a presentation, yet it happens all the time among the higher-ups when the lower folk are presenting. You get the occasional "Um-hmm" or "Uh-huh" uttered as their eyes never look up.

It's common courtesy. If I had my phone out and was furiously typing an email or texting when it's your turn to speak, you'd have a talk with my boss as soon as the meeting was over. If your job is so stressful and packed with work that you can't sit through a 10-minute presentation with your full attention on the presenter, then maybe you should tell your higher-ups that you need some assistance.

I'm presenting for your benefit, because you asked me to, because you want to see this piece before it moves on, so how about you LOOK at it. Can't that email wait?

Though something tells me you aren't even doing work-related things as your fingers tap away.

Hope you got high score.

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