Thursday, March 29, 2007

Your Whole Life is a Sponsored Moment™

I was sitting at the Jetpacks Mobile WorkStation when I noticed a bunch of logos staring back at me. And so, this blog post was brought to you by Yahoo!®, Corona®, Dell®, Logitech® peripherals, the Dish Network®, Verizon® Wireless Broadband and Kensington® peripherals. (And Blogger®, by Google®.)

And none of them have paid me yet.

I guess I use them because they're good, or maybe I perceived them as quality goods and services at affordable prices when I engaged them in business, but how do I know that's true if I don't try the others? Like a fickle client leaving a decent, performing agency for another, I'm willing to ditch these brands who haven't been giving me cold, hard cash (or kickbacks & free stuff) in return for my patronage.

So, if another computer manufacturer would like to furnish a better laptop than this rode hard, put-away-wet dinosaur, get in touch. I might even be persuaded to crossover to the Mac® side.

If Comcast®, BrightHouse® or another competitor of the Dish Network® wants in here, we're open.

Kensington® and Logitech® competitors?

Cingular® on the wireless? (Oh, wait. I mean AT&T®.) And I'll go ahead and invite Sprint® to participate in the RFP.

MSN®? Google®? You want a piece?

Oh, wait. Google® provides the blog, the email, the cool maps, the relatively reliable search results, the awesome view of my house from outer space and all kinds of other goodies - for FREE. (All with a simple, clean interface. Verdict: Exempted this month) So, MSN®, you get first shot at the beer cozy sponsorship.

Corona®...I guess you can stick around a while longer. One month exemption.

(Oh, yeah. Nikon® took the picture. You have 30 days from today, otherwise Canon® gets a shot.)

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