Thursday, December 06, 2007

Band Names From Today's Google Headlines

Dudes, quit fighting with your bandmates over what to call yourselves and get back to what brought you all together in the first You've got a dream to rock the people with your rockin' rock, sending a rockin' vibe out there for people to rock to...and shit. It's time to decide on a winning name that will take you to the top...and out into the stratosphere of the music a stairway of music to heaven...or something.

You're welcome. May you win many Grammys. Or at least get some paying gigs.

  • Defuse Concern
  • Inmate Kiefer
  • Amnesia Canoe
  • The Shrinking Leads
  • Megababies
  • The Navy Priests
  • Subprime Solution
Here are the ones from last week.
Here are some earlier ones.
Here's some more
and some more
...and still more

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