Thursday, December 13, 2007

Been a Long Time Since She Rock and Rolled

Madonna in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? And John Cougar too? There is your final proof that that is one worthless Hall of Fame. Oh, did I say John Cougar? I'm sorry. He's Mellencamp. But the family name wasn't good enough to break into the biz back in the day. Johnny needed a better moniker. So he went with "Cougar." So bad ass.

I'm about tired of this regular Thursday feature here at Where's My Jetpack? But here goes another anyway. The self-imposed challenge has been to create 7 band or musical group names based on today's headlines over at Google News. I might keep it going. A man needs challenges.

  • Common Infant
  • Blue Container
  • Satan’s Brother
  • Coach Kill
  • Bali Villain
  • The Tina Beaters
  • Norwegian Opera

Here are all the others.

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