Monday, June 30, 2008

His Parents Must Be Proud

MOM: What’s the matter, Ken?
DAD: I dunno. I’m worried about Dan.
MOM: Our son is just fine, hon. What are you worried about?
DAD: Well, when Dan said he was going into modeling, I wasn’t really thrilled, but I tried to be encouraging.
MOM: He struggled in those early years, but he stuck with it. And you were very encouraging.
DAD: Those underwear ads weren’t much fun to explain to the guys at the club. I’d hoped he’d maybe get a Bass Pro Shops catalog gig or something, I don’t know…manly. Hold a fishing rod, wear a hunting vest, drive a boat or something.
MOM: He was in that ad for Budweiser.
DAD: The gay one, yeah. Where he’s sizing up some other guy at a bar.
MOM: Well, I think his new job is just great. I’m very proud of our Danny.
DAD: Danny is a fucking energy saving light bulb, Cathy!
MOM: And a very handsome energy saving light bulb! You be nice when he comes over tonight. My career is really taking off now!

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  • An energy saving light bulb with a johnson so big he has to wrap it around his torso several times!!!

    By Blogger MBM, at July 2, 2008 at 4:27 AM  

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