Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sweet Soul Alabama

Who says you can't dance to really, really white music?

I don't know what prompted me to create this, but it sure makes me smile. Maybe I just love to see weird juxtapositions and revel in the bizarre, but here we have Redneck Southerners and Urban Blacks finding common ground.

The concept is simple: do a YouTube search for "Soul Train," then do a search for the whitest music known to man, then combine the two. You'd think they'd have nothing in common. Think again. No video editing was done to sync the dancing with the music. So, as it happens, Lynryd Skynryd could be considered funky. Or Soul Train dancers from the 70s could interpret 70s Southern Rock. Who knew? I may have found a new hobby.

This could do more for race relations in our country than the candidacy of Barack Obama. Even more than that Red Hot Chili Peppers video directed by Chris Rock.

Yes We Can put Country First.

And if it makes HighJive laugh, I'm halfway home.

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