Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lunchtime Diversion

Whatever your opinion of organized religion, (and mine is pretty low) there's something about a Catholic church that's pretty cool. Be it an ancient cathedral in Spain or a modern one in Orlando, the Catholics know how to do it up in a way the Protestants can't touch with their mega-churches that resemble theatres. (Truth is, most mega-churches really are nothing more than theatres where the people come to watch a big show.)

So I finally took myself to "Mary Queen of the Universe Shrine" near Disney World at lunch to see what it looked like. Despite its odd name, it didn't disappoint. Click images for larger ones.

Sanctuary Main

Then, upon exiting, I was struck by the majestic grandeur of the belfry of the Temple of Calvin Klein at a neighboring outlet mall.

So Glorious

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