Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maybe I Will Watch SNL After All

I hear Sarah Palin is going to be on SNL tonight. I'm dreading that. I guess I fear she will be funny and win over a couple of dolts willing to overlook her extreme lack of substance. Maybe I will find her funny myself and start feeling sorry for her again, like I have a few times already in this campaign. (Whenever I get that feeling, I just watch one of her stump speeches and realize, "Oh, that's right. She's a crazy, divisive panderer and deserves every second of scorn that comes her way.") But, whatever. If your vote can be swayed by a cameo on SNL, then bless your heart. ("Bless your heart" is southern-speak for, "You need help.")

But the real fun on SNL tonight might come when way-too-serious-movie-actor-leading-man-action-hero-dude Mark Wahlberg finds Andy Samberg and brings down some retribution Middle School Style!

Watch him on Kimmel. Maybe it's a just a joke and Samberg is in on it and Wahlberg is not bad at comedy. I could see them setting this stunt up for viewership as well as promotion for Wahlberg's current movie.

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