Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Locals Only - Part IV

Since 1969, Weichert Realtors has been perfecting a smarter approach to real estate focused on the needs, concerns, hopes and dreams of our customers.

And this is a picture of our corporate office. Or maybe it's a picture we got from a stock photography house in Hungary, but it clearly shows you our incredible diversity. Yes, the bossman is still a middle-aged white guy, but look at his team! It's a veritable United Nations of Diverse Real Estate Talent!

has 500 company-owned and franchised sales offices in key markets throughout the U.S.

It's those franchised sales offices I'm worried about. I'm fearing corporate isn't watching their local ads very carefully.

Found this today in one of those thrown-on-the-driveway printed on pink, yellow or blue paper local ad rags that gets walked straight into the garage and tossed in the bin.

The man is chained to a house. He is apparently dragging it. His head is giant. He looks horrified. The helpful copy lets us know that "Selling your home doesn't have to be a "drag" with "drag" courteously quoted, just in case we didn't "get it."

There you go, account execs. Now you know why the creatives cringe when you walk into their offices. Or more likely: you think this ad kicks ass.

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