Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Get Out of My Face, McCain

I can’t visit a website, turn on the TV or listen to the radio without being slapped with another John McCain ad. (Even Australian news sites pick up that I am visiting from Florida and serve me McCain banners.) Thankfully, this will all end tomorrow as the candidates leave Florida to go blitz and blast another state with carefully selected talking points, spin and out-and-out lies.

It’s considered bad form to say anything negative about McCain, what with the whole prisoner of war history they remind us of all the time. He’s the “maverick,” the “straight talker.” If you do say anything bad about McCain, you’re required to preface it with praise and respect. “I respect John’s patriotism and his service to this country, however, I think the record will clearly show that my good friend Senator McCain is a pandering dick, a liar and a punk.”

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  • Last primary, I was (figuratively) on the McCain train. In part, because of his war record, but mainly because of his (then) moderate republican stance.

    I am so disgusted with the race this year that I can't even speak about it intelligently... because when I start to watch any of it, I get pissed off and fly into a rage.

    I will say this, however, about McCain. He should stop talking at all. Instead, he should just put out bumper stickers that read:

    "I've had my balls electrocuted for my country. Vote for me."

    By Blogger TexanInHippieland, at January 29, 2008 at 4:12 PM  

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