Monday, April 07, 2008

Let The Spin Begin

As the Republicans begin to realize they are actually up against Barack Obama in November, and not Her Royal Highness, Queen Hillary the Annointed, they are actively emailing those who like to think Obama is a Muslim , or that he attended a Madrasa, or that his pastor hates America, or that his name is eerily similar to Osama's.

An email I received today contained this obviously Photoshopped image of Senator Obama talking on the phone. Problem is, the stupid, ignorant, inexperienced, naive and not-ready-to-be Commander in Chief Obama doesn't know how to hold a phone in a photo-op.

It doesn't take long to find the real image, as if the cartoon clock on the wall wasn't a dead giveaway that the photo was faked.

And to show you that Senator Obama not only knows how to handle a phone, but can handle two phones at once while simultaneously gesturing and winking to a photographer, here's an image from the Associated Press. That dude has some serious multitaskin' skilz.

Let the spin begin.

There's a war on, and there are some people very afraid of an Obama Presidency, so afraid that they will have you believe that the man doesn't know how to hold a phone.

I haven't placed an Obama sticker on my car. I haven't posted an Obama sign in my yard. I haven't donated to the Obama campaign. But if this keeps up, I may just have to.

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