Saturday, May 03, 2008

And Now, A National Snapshot

I've noticed that the talking heads and political pundits are multiplying on TV. There are a dozen on every news show, and they all parrot each other. I've watched enough that I think I now qualify as a talking head and political pundit on TV.

My turn:

  • Blacks who voted for Clinton in 92 or 96 and who attend church favor Obama by 90%.
  • Blacks who voted for Bush in 92 or Dole in 96 and don’t attend church are really hard to find, but they favor Obama by 90%.
  • Blacks who think Obama was uncool toward his pastor and is acting out of political expediency support Obama by 90%.
  • Blacks who think Bill Clinton was “the first black president” support Obama by 90%.
  • Blacks who think Hillary Clinton’s use of a John Mellencamp song as her stump speech background music is really stupid support Obama by 90%.
  • Whites who secretly hate black people support Clinton by 51%.
  • Whites who want us to “move beyond discussions of race” are obviously white.
  • Blue collar, rural whites are perplexed that every four years people act like they care about them.
  • Republicans are voting for McCain, even though they don’t like him.
  • Conservative evangelicals feel neglected this year. McCain will win them in the end on a single issue.
  • White, rural, college-educated, female, lesbian, blue collar Christians are just really interesting, independent and very hard to pin down. I think they are the key swing voters this year.

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