Monday, May 26, 2008

The Sum of Four Primes

(193 + 197 + 199 + 211)

It is also:
  • The original toll-free area code for telephone calls
  • The international direct dial code for toll-free phone calls
  • A film speed
  • The flight number of a doomed TWA Flight
  • The name of a lame old Atari home computer
  • A perfect score on an individual section of the SAT test or on one of the SAT Subject Tests
  • The distance in meters of a track and field event
  • The year in which Charlemagne was crowned Emperor by Pope Leo III, beginning the Holy Roman Empire
  • The number of blog posts at "Where's My Jetpack?" as of this post.
By the way, advertisers, it is completely unnecessary, nay, completely retarded for you to tell us that there is a "1" in front of "800" when you print or speak your client's toll-free number. It's 2008. Most of us have figured out how to use the damn phone.

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