Friday, September 05, 2008

You Go, (to South Carolina) Girl!

The rage in travel advertising is the "girlfriends getaway." And it's always done the same way. Chicks love, what class? That's right! SHOPPING!

Clichéd, hackneyed and desperate, South Carolina's attempt to get the girls to go wild include these tired images and this sad copy:

Welcome to the shoe-lovers guide to Girlfriend Getaways in South Carolina!

Spending time with your girlfriends, sister or Mom is a great way to share experiences and create memories. But how can they really appreciate a description of a beautiful sunrise at the beach or laugh about getting lost on the back roads of South Carolina only to discover a fabulous winery unless they were there?

So grab your best friend, pack a bag, and book a trip to South Carolina! And don't forget to take home those trophée-chaussures.

Shoe-lovers guide? Of course! All women are obsessed with footwear! And wineries. Chicks also love to pepper their language with what little French they know, showing how sophisticated they are, right ladies?

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