Tuesday, December 08, 2009

One of THOSE Movies

Before the reviews are in, I can already write the blurbs for the upcoming full-page ads.

"Jeff Bridges turns in the performance of a lifetime."
- Sycophant Critic, Major Publication

"Jeff Bridges was born for this role."
- Unknown Climber, Unknown FOX Affiliate

"Robert Duvall was born to play Jeff Bridges' dad."
- Some Loser, Robert Duvall Fan Club

"Roll out the red carpet! I smell Oscars!"
- Drooling Fanboy, Entertainment Blog

It's got everything: washed-up country singer, tough single mom reporter, Robert Duvall, and a story likely to warm your cold heart. Only thing is that I saw it already. It was called "Tender Mercies," starring Robert Duvall.

But all the snark and cynicism aside, I will likely rent it.

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  • I can already tell I'm probably going to like that a lot of that movie. I wish Ray Wylie Hubbard had a role in it. I have to agree, though, the tough, single, lady journalist cliche is getting a little too worn to work.

    By Anonymous captain lunchbucket, at December 9, 2009 at 3:40 PM  

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