Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another "Band Names From Google News!"

Part XII in a sporadic Thursday series

It’s not like the old days, when you could say, “Hey! Let’s call ourselves The Vandals or The Wallflowers or The Cure or The Clash.” You can’t be “The” anything and expect a second look, unless it’s really outstanding like “The Fall of Man,” “The Icelandic Hookers” or “The Syringes.”

Better to call yourself something strange and curious, the better to draw the masses to your logo and merch marketing plan, which is what you’re after anyway, as your music is crap. (I’m talking to you Panic! At The Disco.)

So, young dreamers, ditch the dumb name and find a better one, courtesy of today’s headlines at Google News.

  • Senator Zombie
  • Fossella’s Daughter
  • Colorvoter
  • Magic Pistons
  • 4000 Farm Workers
  • Reeling from a Drubbing
  • Substantial Threat
I've got 76 more.

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