Thursday, May 29, 2008

Band Names From Google News (with Links!)

Does your band need a name? Look no further than Google News Headlines.

In this episode of Band Names from Google News, I’m providing links to the stories that inspired the band names, lest you think I just come up with these stupid things all by myself.

  • Penguins Breathing
  • Not The Scott We Knew
  • Badland Breeze
  • Governor’s Girl
  • Breakfast Jihad
  • Monarch No More
  • Kleen NoodYou think we're emo because of our hair? Damnit! You're right.

  1. Pittsburgh wins a game against Detroit in the Stanley Cup Finals
  2. White House spokesperson Dana Perino on Scott McClellan’s new book
  3. Hillary Clinton told South Dakota voters she envisioned that state as “the Saudi Arabia of Wind Farming.”
  4. Charlie Crist of Florida brought a woman to McCain’s ranch, surprising most of us here. Also, Gibbons of Nevada is seeking a divorce and his wife says he has a girlfriend.
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts pulls a Rachel Ray ad because loud mouthed Right-Wing-Babe-of-the-Month Malkin didn’t like her head-scarf.
  6. Nepal’s new government declares itself a republic.
  7. A man in Florida was robbed of $40,000 in jewelry by a nude maid service he hired while his wife was on vacation. She’s divorcing him now.
I've got 97 more if nothing here works for you.

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