Thursday, May 22, 2008

Band Names From Google News

I said this was a "sporadic Thursday series," but now I feel an obsessive obligation to do it every Thursday. Part XIV.

For the newcomers, it goes like this: Thousands of hopeful artists and starry-eyed noisemakers the world over are gathering in garages and creating music. Maybe they do it on the bedroom computer. Doesn't matter. What they need before they ever strike that first discordant chord or pen that first clever rhyme is a marketing plan. More than that, they need a name to market, because dream though they will of "changing the world with music," the music can flat out suck as long as the group has a carefully cultivated image coupled with a winning strategy. Just ask Fall Out Boy. It's quite easy to find a promising band name, courtesy of today's headlines on Google News.

  • Day of Strikes
  • Peace and Placards
  • Trash Crisis
  • The Veeps
  • Arizona Barbecue
  • Fifteen Dollar Suitcase
  • Pain at The Pump
I've got 90 more if nothing here works for you.Jammin' at John & Cindy's. Charlie didn't bring a date

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