Friday, July 11, 2008

Rebrand Your Band

You ask for it, I hotkey over to a Word doc when someone enters my space as I deliver it to you. It's Band Names from Google News, a regular feature. This time with links to show you where the band name comes from. The premise is: You ain't goin' nowhere with your stupid band name. Rebrand your band.

  • Nation of Whiners (link)
  • Fannie Freddie Slide (link)
  • Knütkütter (link)
  • Pope Going Down (link)
  • Graphic Novices (link)
  • The Christie Crusade (link)
  • Roman Apples (link)Was ist lost, mein froind?
Here are an additional 130.

Image is actually of German thrash metal band Kreator, found on a Google image search for, of all things, "German thrash metal band."

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