Friday, January 08, 2010

Band Names From Google News (The Reunion Tour)

A formerly popular feature on this blog was "Band Names from Google News" (See here for the archives) in which I conduct a cursory glance of Google news headlines and come up with names for your fledgling act that is currently wowing the kids over at MySpace.

I thought I'd bring it back, at least for a day. Below are the names gathered from today's headlines, with links to the stories that inspired the names.

  • Dark Side of Funny (link)
  • Up To The Hype (link)
  • Some Immunity (link)
  • Plastic Logic (link)
  • Elvis Birthday (link)
  • The Genius Scandal (link)
  • Wholesale Power Trade (link)

And speaking of MySpace, check out these punks from Scotland. (Thanks, @everysandwich.)

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